Infante Building


Located on the bank of the river Douro, this building will be fully rehabilitated and adapted to a new restaurant. With complete reformulation of the spaces to adapt to the new needs, work will be carried out on demolition, rehabilitation and construction of slabs and roofing. The building will maintain all the original architectural features

Delfim Pereira da Costa Building


Housing building with 62 apartments, with a building area of ​​16.800m2 distributed over 6 floors, also includes 5.800m2 of green areas around the building.

Requalification of the green park EFANOR


With a total area of ​​30,400m2, this requalification of green spaces is part of the construction of the housing and commercial complex that is being built on the grounds of the old Efanor factory, in Senhora da Hora, Matosinhos.

Fabrica da Nata Store

This contract constitutes the construction / adaptation of stores for a new commercial space of restoration inserted in the set of buildings of the Cardosas in the middle of Port, that is in final phase of rehabilitation.

Valadares School

In an area of ​​24,790.10m2 the school is composed of 6 blocks of classes, cafeteria, gym, storage and concierge. The intervention will be the repair of the entire concrete structure and the application of ETICS on the exterior walls, removal of the fiber cement roofing of the blocks and gymnasium.

Restelo Housing Remodeling


Rehabilitation and extension of old house with 3 floors intended for single family dwelling. It is worth highlighting the changes in the reinforcement level of the existing concrete structure and in general the diversity and quality of the materials and coatings to be applied. It has an expected execution time of 18 months.

Cardosas Buildings

This work consists of the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of 2 buildings, inserted in the Cardosas quarter for local accommodation. The intervention provides almost total demolition of the existing one, with the exception of the façades that will be maintained and rehabilitated in order to maintain the original traces of the buildings.

Avenue Houses Office

This project concerns the rehabilitation and conversion project of a single-family dwelling in an office building on Avenida da Boavista, Porto. The interventions to be carried out aim to respond as best as possible to the needs. The redesign of exterior spaces also has a major concern in minimizing the impact on the overall image of the building and its surroundings.

Passeio Alegre Reabilitation


Rehabilitation of a building in the street of Passeio Alegre 350 and rua dos Olivais 12, for restaurant. The intervention will maintain the original layout of the building as well as the design of the roof and other characteristics of the time, such as wood and natural stone frames. New light inlets will be created on the roof to enhance the natural lighting of the space.