Trofa city hall

The intervention will occupy an old industrial area and will give rise to 6,200 m2 of totally renovated space.

The new building will retain the body of the oldest building, dating from 1948, corresponding to the extinct “Indústria Alimentar Trofense”, which will also be rehabilitated and included in the new volumes, totaling an area of ​​1,996 m2.

Supermarket Continente Bom Dia in Castelo Branco

A commercial unit in prefabricated structure and area of ​​2,800 m2. The main facings and roof coverings are sandwich panel. The contract also includes the construction of a parking space for 185 vehicles and 4 for people with reduced mobility.

Célere Portodouro building

Located in a private condominium with an area of ​​8,962.73 m2, this new building will consist of 60 apartments, T1, T2 and T3, spread over 6 floors and 2 for garages.

Infante Building


Located on the bank of the river Douro, this building will be fully rehabilitated and adapted to a new restaurant. With complete reformulation of the spaces to adapt to the new needs, work will be carried out on demolition, rehabilitation and construction of slabs and roofing. The building will maintain all the original architectural features.

Delfim Pereira da Costa Building


Housing building with 62 apartments, with a building area of ​​16.800m2 distributed over 6 floors, also includes 5.800m2 of green areas around the building.

Valadares School

In an area of ​​24,790.10m2 the school is composed of 6 blocks of classes, cafeteria, gym, storage and concierge. The intervention will be the repair of the entire concrete structure and the application of ETICS on the exterior walls, removal of the fiber cement roofing of the blocks and gymnasium.

Passeio Alegre Reabilitation


Rehabilitation of a building in the street of Passeio Alegre 350 and rua dos Olivais 12, for restaurant. The intervention will maintain the original layout of the building as well as the design of the roof and other characteristics of the time, such as wood and natural stone frames. New light inlets will be created on the roof to enhance the natural lighting of the space.